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Dose of Reality is an internet content (IPTV - IPR) delivery network that streams our programming and content for clients.  DOR has been producing audio visual content for corporate clients, small businesses, and television producers since 1980 through it's production company VIDTEK Communications Group and Northwoods Entertainment.  Broadcast quality production, spot-on advertising, media buys, and a proven track record of 33 years brings DOR network resources to your table representing an exceptional value for your media dollars from start to finished product.

We're making it easy to donate to one of your favorite web shows, or get help in financing production costs, we're now offering 6 months free financing via Pay Pal Pay later program..

Connecting to Dose of Reality:

* Here are 2 examples of different streaming bandwidths that are currently streaming:

   high bandwidth (more than enough for talk & even some music streams)
   low bandwidth for rural dial-up and dsl listeners (yes they still exist)

RF Stations. 

Wish to carry live, or rebroadcast, any of our program streams?  Please email us with your station call letters and location, your company position, and your request for a private secure log-in url to acquire our stream.  We are always looking to expand our network of listeners.

Dose of Reality offers an array of internet streams for all locations.  Including rural America, where connection speeds are not quite up to big city speeds.

To reach our delivery goals, DOR offers many different configurations and combinations. Here are a few suggestions that are generally accepted for content delivery to almost anywhere in the world that has connectivity.

A Low-bandwidth for rural listeners in America that still have Dial-up & DSL Services)

A Mid-bandwidth for normal talk radio. this can also be streamed with no noticeable drop in quality for talk programming)

A Private Stereo stream for programming that requires stereo and/or terrestial RF rebroadcasts)

Dose of Reality has many higher kb/s available for our Video & Broadcast Television Streaming services through our IPTV network.  We'd love to talk to you about your next streaming endeavor.  Packages are available with location production packages for weekend seminars, and also for longer location production services.  Northwoods Entertainment LLC is our production and location service provider.


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 Dose of Reality Programming:

       Just Jim Broadcasting from the Bunker @ Lake Wisheyebegone    

Patriot Conservative Talk programs 3 days a week.  8 a.m., 10 a.m..

You can friend and follow The Just Jim Show on,, or watch the show on

Contact The Just Jim show directly, or Dose of Reality, to find out what advertising opportunities are available.


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